Raise Your Profile –Brand Photography Service

Raise Your Profile and Boost Your Brand

Your brand photography service will:

• Generate more leads, enquiries and sales

• Make you more visible to your ideal clients

• Communicate your business’s personality and values better

Capturing your brand

Show your brand’s best side and capture your company’s identity perfectly with my brand photography service. You get a suite of high-quality images of you, your team, products, services and the environments you work in according to your instruction. Images will be professionally finished for use on marketing materials, websites, showreels, social media and anything else you can think of.

If you’re looking to be pleasantly surprised by great images that really represent you, I serve clients, just like you, every day. My joy is to create an experience where clients feel completely looked after and supported, enjoying a mini adventure with a powerfully positive outcome. We’ll build a positive relationship that benefits you in this way consistently as we update and provide more images.

Start building that relationship today and feel the positives tomorrow.

A brand photography package will:

  • Build customer and prospect confidence and trust
  • Attract more of the right clients
  • Help your brand stand out from the competition as unique and engaging
  • Increase your visibility and presence
  • Accurately portray your brand story, mission and values
  • Build customer and prospect confidence
  • Generate more clicks and conversions
  • Engage your ideal clients better
  • Increase your visibility

What you get with our typical package

• A three-hour photoshoot

• Consultations with Kevin to make sure you get everything you need

• A bespoke set of shots planned together in advance

• This can include head shots, business lifestyle shots, day-to-day shots

• Show reels, publication and social-media calendar content and more can be organised

• A bank of high-resolution images for every purpose you need

Renew your look regularly for better value

Like a good photograph, a photoshoot with me captures your business perfectly at one moment in time. A business is a living, developing thing though, and you can ensure your look develops with it by signing up to our consistent brand-photography service.

This gives you better rates as well as a look that develops with your business and a constantly fresh, up-to-date photo bank.

Get a Business Booster Consultation worth £95

Your brand, your choice

When you book a brand photography session with me, you are in control of what you get. With my professional input, we can find the look that works for your brand and the images that work for your needs.


Lifestyle Shots

Day-to-day Shots


Publication Images

Social Media Content

Virtual Shoots

Capture your brand perfectly with my professional support and direction on a covid-safe remote
photoshoot. I will control your phone camera via a remote app and provide you with a set of beautiful
photos that represent your brand perfectly.

Hello, I’m Kevin

I’ve immersed myself in photography for as long as I can remember and was lucky enough to turn my passion into a career in the ‘90s.

Today, I mainly work with smaller-to-medium, male-owned businesses. I think there are not enough perceptive, personality-focused brand photographers out there serving this type of enterprise at the moment. I am also the official club photographer of Hull City Ladies FC. I’m always inspired by this powerful group of women.

Over the last 30 years (where does the time go?), I’ve learned that I’m great at capturing the character and identity of individuals, teams and whole brands. I’m not going to go into any old clichés about thousands of words, but my photos speak volumes about the brands I work with.

If you need help putting your business’s true identity across visually, just book a chat.

Renew your look regularly for better value

Keep your look up to date and in sync with your business and save money with a constantly fresh, up-to-date photo bank.

Win a Virtual Photoshoot Package

Win a free, bespoke photoshoot package together with a bank of photos to meet all your online needs.

Capture your own business – learn photography

Guided virtual tuition available worldwide 

I also offer virtual classes in digital business photography and phoneography* for individuals and groups. Learn to capture and present your business’s best side with my personal tuition. Get in touch for more details.

(*Phoneography is photography with your phone – in case you’re wondering.)